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Work Study Program

BlueChip Baseball

At BlueChip we realize that youth baseball is a family event and that every family should have the opportunity to enjoy this experience together!

We also realize that youth baseball has gotten very expensive!  Not all families can afford to give their sons the opportunity to play at this level.

So we want to do our part.  BlueChip is now offering a limited number of WORK STUDY scholarships.

Work Study Scholarships are our way of letting players and families create enough money to afford this game.

Again, we can't offer this to everyone.  But we would like to make this available to families that really need it.

The nature of the "work" is online research in the sports industry.

Participants in this program will need:

Internet Access
Basic Computer Skills
Ability to take data from the Internet and copy/paste it to a spreadsheet
Email access
Determination / Diligence. 

This work is BORING and REPETITIVE


Work Study Program!

The intent of the program is to offer you a way to “pay” for part of your baseball dues through working on projects for BlueChip.

BlueChip offers participants a credit of $15.00 per hour for each hour worked.

Players are encouraged to do the work, but parents are welcome to do some as well.

Credits from this program need to be completed prior to participation in BlueChip events.

There are no refunds or cash value of any kind from this program.  Credits are exclusively for use with BlueChip.

These credits can be used for up to 75% of your player fees.

This can be used for:

  • Tournaments
  • Team roster spots
  • Recruiting Services
  • College Camps

If you would like to be considered for this work study program, please fill out the form below.
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