What People Say Winter

What People Say About BlueChip
These are from Families and Players that play with us during the Winter Exposure Tournament Season


Thanks for having me these past couple weeks. I really loved playing with BlueChip. It didn’t only allow me to get reps at my primary position all weekend, but it was quality reps against quality teams. I enjoyed the experience and it was definitely a team I’d play for again.

Jon, AZ


Quality of players and tournaments are very good. Great baseball in Phoenix, AZ area. Our son had a lot of fun, met new friends, and was able to show off his skillset. Coach Jay kept the rotations going based upon hitting skills and the positional play was great too. College coaches know what they're looking for when they do their "eye test" as in seeing your son on and off the field. Coach Jay provides that opportunity to be able to be seen; the rest is operationally up to your son. The price per tournament/college showcase is great too and it's not expensive like other organizations are. Do not be fooled by other organizations with fancy name brands that want $1,000.00 to $2,750.00 per tournament per kid; you'll be just wasting your hard, earned money. Best thing about the BC (BlueChip) college showcase is just that... for serious BlueChip players only and the organization doesn't charge a lot of money to get a huge headcount of players to get college coaches to come to the showcases. Coach Jay attracts colleges that are looking for serious and talented players.

We would definitely play again with BlueChip as this is our son's second year with BlueChip playing in tournaments.

Eric, Las Vegas, NV.


Thanks for having Brady down from South Dakota to play some ball this winter Coach Jay. The level of competition was good and you put together a team that was capable of making a good run, losing in the semis to the eventual champions. Brady had fun and it was a great experience. BlueChip welcomed Brady down there and offered him an opportunity to practice with the team before the tournament. Brady was happy he was able to play at his primary position for most of the tournament. It was a very affordable opportunity to play some quality baseball. Thanks again!! 

Lang, SD


Thank you for giving Ethan this opportunity to play with BlueChip in the last two tournaments. Ethan had good time to play for the team.  Your coaches are professional and encouraging, that makes Ethan feel he is part of the team.  He got lots of playtime, and with high level / high profile of the players on our team, that makes Ethan want to challenge himself to the next level.  This a very valuable experience to Ethan prior to the high school try-out.

Kim, AZ


My son Alex played 4 tournaments this winter with Coach Jay.  Coach Jay and his assistant coaches were very welcoming from the start.  Jay has lots of good players in his program and they were welcoming as well so Alex was able to fit right in.  Alex played mostly his primary position (MIF) but also played some OF and got to pitch as well, which he enjoyed a lot.  And it seems like he played almost every inning!  Coming from Seattle, you can't beat coming down to sunny Phoenix and play baseball in the winter on very nice fields!  We really enjoyed this experience and will be back again next year.  I highly recommend coming down and playing with Jay!!

Eiji - Seattle, WA


I would highly recommend Blue Chip.  Coach Jay was super helpful to us out of towners and true to his word on the amount of play time our boys would receive at their primary positions.  He even included them in additional games when available because we had traveled such a long distance to play.  The other coaches were welcoming as well and treated us as part of the team along with all the players they had on their roster for the weekends we were there.  The Arizona fields were amazing; well maintained and easy to locate.  We saw quality pitching and enjoyed the experience of playing with Blue Chip.  It is an exceptional program, based on the integrity of the game.  

Jennifer, CO


I have been bringing my son and a few of his teams from New Mexico to play with BlueChip Baseball for a few winters now.  Our experience has always been very enjoyable with good competition, friendly players and parents, and a positive coaching atmosphere.  My only regret is we couldn’t travel down more often, but we plan to increase our visits the next two seasons.  The addition of Field Level as a recruiting tool in the BlueChip Baseball program has enhanced my son’s exposure already.

Some of the highlights we experienced play with Jay and BlueChip Baseball are small roster sizes, lots of playing time, great fields used by SWWBC, wood bat tournaments, and opportunity for every player to pitch who wants to.

Jason, Farmington, NM


BlueChip was a great experience this winter.  I really like what you are doing with the program and how connected you are to the players.  I think you have really filled a void in organized baseball by helping kids get to college when things are not going so well with school ball.  He had a great experience and would definitely play with BlueChip again in the future.  

Jason, AZ


Ted Garcia  -  Tgarcia1961@live .com    February 4th, 2018 

Dear Coach Jay, 
I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you and your organization for  this wonderful experience we call BC baseball.   
In my particular situation my son had graduated in June of 2017, played  catcher on the high school team and legion baseball in the summer, his desire  was to continue to play baseball at the college level.  Neither the high school  coach or legion coach showed any inclination to assist any players with a path  to the next level.  In Wisconsin if you do not have a pitcher throwing 90 mph or  a hitter consistently hitting tape mark home runs scouts do not come to small  town USA.  My son had also played a few years of club baseball where the  results were the same as with high school only difference being the cost, yet  no path to the next level. 

In the late summer of 2017 in discussions with my son it was clear we would  have to take the bull by the horns and find a path to play college baseball.  Fortunately there is the resource of the internet, where we found Blue Chip  baseball.  Upon reading about BC it was exactly what we were searching for,  an opportunity for my son to be evaluated and at the same time play the game  to find out if he had the skill set required to play at the next level. 

I am afraid words will not do the justice to our experience at BC baseball, but I  will do my best, first there is coach Jay, immediately through our contact via  email it was clear he understood our frustration, he set our minds at peace  from the start with his knowledge of how and what it takes to play at the next  level, so our journey began playing our first tournament in November of 2017.  As a parent of a baseball player and knowing the cost of playing club ball  there are concerns, quality of; competition, players, playing condition, will it be  fun, BC environment, playing time at primary position.  Of all these concerns  for me personally the environment was most important because if does not  have the right balance between competitive and fun while always positive, it is  not what we wanted.  For us Coach Jay and his fellow coaches fit the bill,  never to high or too low, constantly projecting positive encouragement, yet 
holding players accountable to do their best, while allowing players to have  fun, but not at the expense of what the team needed to accomplish whether at  practice or in a game.  The quality of competition I can best describe as  balanced, there were some pitchers that were outstanding and require the  best of a hitter, with the balance of the pitchers provided a competitive  opportunity for both the hitter and the pitcher.  The most impressive part of the  players I found was the passion for the game, I had not seen my son smile like  he did at the first day of practice since little league where I feel the passion for  the game is purest.  A big upside to playing in the Phoenix area is the quality  of the fields and the care given to maintain the fields prior to each game  whether it is the first game of the tournament or the last.  Infield or outfield, the  quality of the playing surface allows the challenge to remain between the  defender and the ball.  One of the greatest accomplishments I have seen at  BC is the balance of playing time at the primary position and keeping both  players and fans equally engaged to the success of all players whether they  be your player or another player.  The reason for this is the message is clear  from the beginning, BC is about developing a player to the best of their  abilities to play for the love of the game or at the college level.  As part of the  BC family we learned there are several paths to play college baseball  dependent on skill set of player and what colleges best fit the player.  One  does not have to be the next baseball prodigy to play college baseball, nor  does one have to want a path to play college baseball to be part of the BC  family, just a passion for the game and the desire play the game to the best of  their ability. 

In today's world being the parent of an aspiring baseball player is no without  its expense, whether the circumstances are your player did not make the high  school team, the player wants to participate in off season training, or  evaluation and path to play college baseball.  Of the the programs my son has  played in over the past 6 years I found BC to be the only program to provide  any value not to mention it was the least expensive of any club team my son  ever played on, yet provided the greatest value.  It all starts with a question,  “what does your player want out of playing baseball”, development, quality  competition, fun, quality playing fields, path to college baseball.  

BC offers all  the above, after 2 tournaments my son received an offer to play college  baseball, now he passed on the offer only because he wanted to improve his  skill set, but if it had not been for Coach Jay and his organization we would not  have the tools and resources such as Field Level, it's like Facebook for  baseball players to provide coaches their story and skills via video.  Plus  access to BC baseball camps allowing players to perform in front of 60 college  baseball coaches.  For us the experience has been priceless.  If any potential  parent has any questions feel free to share my email address. 

Ted Garcia