What People Say

What People Say About BlueChip
These are from Families and Players that play with us during the Summer and Fall Seasons

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The other one was about  his difficulties with his high school baseball team and his move to the Blue Chip team that made him love the game again and have fun. We really saw it in his attitude, for the good,  and how he approached not just baseball but school, his extracurricular activities and his friends.  I have seen some Facebook posts of other Blue Chip athletes getting into various college baseball programs  around the country. I’m sure you know but we believe that your program is so much more for so many of these athletes. For us we think it was part of why he was accepted to Barrett. It taught him and his teammates to be confident and resilient in all aspects of life. So he won’t be playing baseball in college but he is so excited of what lays ahead. 

So I just wanted to thank you for Blue Chip’s part in molding my son.


You weren’t kidding. We have seen a head spinning increase in attention from colleges.  I believe Luke has received a couple calls too. Lots happening. Just wanted to say thanks. 



This is our third season involved with BlueChip Baseball. Being involved with youth baseball for the past six years, this has been without a doubt the best experience we have had. The coaches demeanor at all levels of the organization is that of teach, encourage and execute the fundamentals. Their positive approach brings out the most in the players desire to achieve the best they can be. There is no hidden agenda. This is evident in the organizations ultimate goal, to help each individual player reach their own specific goal and potential.  Whether it be competing in high school, or aspirations to play at the collegiate level, BlueChip provides the resources both on and off the field to accomplish this.   



BlueChip baseball changed my career completely. I was cut from high school baseball, and went from failure to success in a matter of months. With Coach Jay and the program's help, I have now committed to play baseball at the college level, and the BlueChip organization will always be family to me.



After playing on a few different club teams in as many years, we finally found BlueChip, a team that actually cared about my son’s future after high school. Jay has so many connections that it made it easy for my son to find a university to play for. My son had to make a decision between several interested schools, this would not have happened without BlueChip!

Thank You Jay for the guidance and clear pathway to a scholarship!



BlueChip is a very fun and competitive program to play club baseball. While winning is very important, it is not everything. At BlueChip, you will build a bond with your teammates that will last a lifetime. I met some of my best friends while playing for BlueChip. You will also become a much improved baseball player while playing for BlueChip. The coaches are very knowledgeable and supportive. I would 100% recommend BlueChip when deciding what club team to play for. 



BlueChip Baseball was the best travel baseball decision I ever made.

The coaching and mentoring that Travis received from Jay was essential in his development as a pitcher.

It was hard trying to find the perfect fit with most travel teams being about money. I know teams need money to be successful, but I think Jay went beyond that and genuinely cared about my son and his future.

The experience Travis gained from BlueChip afforded him the opportunity to sign to play college baseball with an awarded scholarship.

Thanks Jay



Playing for Blue Chip gave me a chance to develop as a player and the opportunity to play in front of college coaches which helped me achieve my goal of playing baseball in college. 



Our son played in the BlueChip organization for two years. We found the experience a very positive one. Blue Chip provided great opportunities on the field and Jay spent extra time helping our son in his college recruiting process. Blue Chip provided our son with a well organized and competitive program. Blue Chip recognizes the strengths of each individual baseball player and helps them achieve their goals. We definitely enjoyed our time with Blue Chip.



We joined the BlueChip family approx 5 years ago....What a great program!

Don't look any further call Coach Jay, sit back and enjoy your son’s baseball experience.

My son played for BlueChip on two different occasions, when he was 15, and his Senior year. Unfortunately, we were lured to other programs Sophomore and Junior year with promises of personal college contacts and even coaching from MLB scouts. What a joke! don't make this mistake. If you’re not in the good ole boy network, your son will always end up on the short end of the stick no matter how good he is. The grass isn't always greener on the other side, trust me been there done that. Fortunately, we returned to BlueChip and it was the best year ever. 

Coach Jay runs a first-class program, he is honest and works hard for the kids. He has no bias and no favorites. I'm disappointed that I didn't see the forest through trees earlier.  Jay went to bat for my son when it came to college placement, he verified and sent my sons info to over 150 schools. Jay advised and helped walk us through the confusing recruiting process. 

Very few kids get to play at the college level and if it wasn't for Coach Jay seeing my son’s potential and giving him the opportunity to excel, maybe my son wouldn't be the starting catcher at his college in Illinois. 

Thanks Coach Jay & BlueChip



Blue chip and Jay have been the best decision that we made for our son's baseball career!  If you are serious about playing in college this is the club for you and Jay will work tirelessly on your behalf.  We will continue to recommend Blue Chip and Jay to anyone we know!

- Brett and Patti