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Over the past 9 years, BlueChip has taken a slightly different approach to running a club baseball organization.  We took the typical model of "the players are here for the organization" and flipped that around to say "we are here for our players".  

What we have done is built a successful and growing club baseball model that just simply feels different.  Players can feel it, parents appreciate it and it also makes it a lot more fun for us as coaches.

While we are not interested in expanding our organization to field teams in all states, I would like to offer our philosophy, model, back office support and marketing engine to other teams, clubs or coaches that might be interested in using this approach in their own organization.

For my "day job", I have the privilege of being a marketing resource for 100's of baseball academies, teams, tournaments, camps, jersey manufacturers, bat companies... -  I have been a marketing consultant for 28 years.

My intention with this program is to offer Marketing, back office resources and a unique approach to others in the youth baseball industry.

If you are interested, please contact me directly.

Coach Jay
BlueChip Baseball

What makes BlueChip so successful:

* BlueChip is not like most baseball clubs.  We have a very player-centered approach.  We also focus on College Recruiting.  Find out more about our philosophy  - The BlueChip Way

It is the approach to our players and families that keep players coming back and even referring other friends to join us.

* BlueChip is able to find new players in ways that most clubs can't.  We have a very large list of emails of parents, players and coaches in the youth baseball industry.  For any tryout we hold, we just send out emails to our database to invite people to the tryouts.  This gives us a huge advantage of other clubs.

Coach Jay's "day job" is marketing in the youth sports industry.  He helps literally 100's of clients in the youth baseball industry through Baseball Marketing.  Baseball Marketing has built a database of over 1 Million emails address contacts in the youth sports industry.

* College Recruiting is our focus.  While most other clubs are only interested in winning at all costs, we know that the most important thing a youth baseball player can do is get his college degree, play 4 more years of baseball and get someone else to pay for it (Scholarship).

This is our focus with each player.  How do we help them achieve this goal.

* Our teams are filled with quality players.  Our team approach allows us to win more than we lose and even take home some trophies - even in baseball crazy states like Arizona.

How can a BlueChip Team Sponsorship help YOUR Team?

* Most team sponsorships required you to purchase a LOT of gear and jerseys to get the honor to wear their logo.  Doing this gives you the hope that it will attract more players to your program.

The Benefits of a BlueChip Team Sponsorship are:

* We utilize the Baseball Email Databases at Baseball Marketing to find YOU new players.  We handle the ad campaign and point new potential players to your tryouts.  New players are the life blood of your team!

* Teams will be listed on our BlueChip Baseball website.  This gives you a national presence.

* You get the option to either wear BlueChip jerseys and caps or keep your own.  Our volume ordering has given us some really low pricing that we can pass along to you.

* Access to our Field Level Recruiting system.  BlueChip is connected to over 1900 college coaches on the system.  This allows every player to be promoted FREE.  Each of your HS aged players get an invite to hang their profile with us - FREE.

CLICK HERE to take a look at our college placement success.  When talking to a new player & family - don't they want to KNOW that you can get their son placed in college baseball?

* Your players get access to Showcases and Winter Tournaments in Arizona.  We get access to some of the better events and play all winter long.

* Our College Camps are also available to your players.
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