BlueChip offers individualized college recruiting for any player on any team - ANYWHERE.

Take a look at our team page on that system:  CLICK HERE
BlueChip uses Fieldlevel with great success!  We have placed over 142 student/athletes through this service in the last 4 years.

This is also a great service for college players that want to transfer to a different college.

FieldLevel Recruiting Service

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College Recruiting With BlueChip

You are here because you need help with this project.  Maybe your HS coach has moved on or didn't have the time to help you.  Maybe you were behind some kid that got drafted, maybe...  there are a 1000 reasons why you aren't getting the help you need to get this done.

We started BlueChip 8 years ago with the intention of getting more kids placed in college.  I get the rewarding job of changing players lives for the better (and winning games along the way).

Let us help you get placed.  Sometimes it takes less than 1 day to get into conversations with colleges that are a good fit for you and are looking for a player like you!

SENIORS - It is not too late until about 20 days prior to the first day of classes (at smaller schools).  Some schools are still recruiting up until the very last minute.

There are 2 levels of activity/support for all players on our fieldlevel roster:

Passive activity.  Because of the size of our roster and our location (AZ) we get a LOT of passive profile views for all of our players.  Colleges will spend time on our roster and begin contacting players.

2. Active Outbound Promotions.  This process is where we identify your target schools, we then send your profile to schools that match your target audience (we will even send it to more than that to create activity so you look like you are in demand).  This process ALWAYS puts you in touch with colleges that are interested in you.

Your Next Steps In This Process

* Let's set you up a FREE FieldLevel profile - if you already have one - request to be on our roster - BlueChip Baseball AZ.  Send me your email so I can send you the invite. 

* Attend one of my Zoom online meetings - CLICK HERE   These are FREE

* Request and fill out your College Fit Work Sheet.  Click on the PDF below to download it. 

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Pricing for this service is 1x pricing - there is no recurring or annual fee.  You can start this service as a Freshman and it will last you all the way through your HS career.

This service offers you 1 annual promotional campaign to schools that fit your College Fit Work Sheet description.

  • Passive Roster Listing - Free
  • Active Outbound Promotion - Players that play with BlueChip (have a BC Jersey) - $275*
  • Active Outbound Promotion - Players that do NOT play with BlueChip - $450
  • Active Outbound Promotion - If you would like a 2nd promotion during a calendar year - $75

Every player that plays with us (tournament, camp or season) gets an invite to set up their FieldLevel profile on our BlueChip Roster.  This profile will also contain a Coach's evaluation. - FREE. 
* Pricing available for players that play with BC or played in any exposure tournament in AZ with BC or are on a BC sponsored team in another state.
What people have to say about BlueChip's FieldLevel recruiting service:

Payton has applied and will commit to College.  As a parent maybe you hear this but I can promise not nearly enough...  You are an amazing ambassador for our kids!  You Marketing Skills, Ethics And Drive For Payton to find somewhere to play is unmatched.  I will spread the word to anyone and everyone I know because if not for your, Payton would not have been exposed.  You should be proud, Payton has found a home, he will become a baseball badass and you have some much to do with it.  Thank You Jay, from the bottom of my heart we look forward to continuing to work and get better with Blue Chip this summer!!!

When my Son joined Blue Chip in February Coach Jay, recommended that we get on FieldLevel.  He gave us instructions on posting his Bio, videos, GPA/SAT Scores... and how to use Field Level as a working tool, for exposure to all colleges. It was a "game changer". Immediately he was getting colleges following him, contacting him and send messages to him for discussions about playing for there school.Coach Jay would promote him to select schools on a weekly bases and we would get more interest and followers. Ultimately, my son had the privilege to be able to select the school that was a perfect fit for him, both academically and athletically. Prior to Field Level I felt frustrated and lost on what my next steps should be to help my son get recognition.

After playing on a few different club teams in as many years, we finally found BlueChip, a team that actually cared about my son’s future after high school. Jay has so many connections that it made it easy for my son to find a university to play for. My son had to make a decision between several interested schools, this would not have happened without BlueChip!  Thank You Jay for the guidance and clear pathway to a scholarship!

Blue chip has been the best decision that we made for our son's baseball career!  If you are serious about playing in college this is the club for you and Jay will work tirelessly on your behalf.  We will continue to recommend Blue Chip and Jay to anyone we know!