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Thank you for looking into BlueChip!

My intention is that BlueChip can help you with your son no matter what age he is or what state you live in.

We built BlueChip from our experiences with our 5 boys going through youth baseball, through college, all the way through the MLB draft.

It is this experience, from all aspects of this game that I want to share with you!

* How to improve as a player - Coaching Insights
* How to manage this youth baseball thing as a parent
* How to get recruited to play college baseball
* How to improve YOUR club or team
* Bring positive coaching to baseball
* Provide interesting information from the baseball world
* What to look for in a travel team and coach
* Finding a good team in your area
* How to sidestep the politics of high school ball
* How to cut your costs and still achieve your goals
* Refocus you on the goal of getting his college degree
* What events are most relevant to reaching your goals
* Winter playing opportunities
* Many more topics...
College Recruiting

Since the vast majority of you do not live in AZ, I may never get the chance to meet with you one on one.

So, I have opened up our recruiting success to any player/ anywhere. I will be hosting 1 hour recruiting discussions.  These online ZOOM meetings will cover:
  • What do I need to do to get recruited
  • What are college coaches looking for 
  • What schools are good fits for me
  • Player videos - what do I need to do
  • I get a lot of Camp invites - should I go
  • Showcase Tournaments and Travel - Real Exposure or not
  • The 4 questions that help you determine what schools are good fits for you
  • How do I get this process started

I would like to help you work through these and other questions in our meeting.  If you would like to join one of my meetings, please fill out the form below.

The cost for a meeting is only $10.
There is a 25 person limit to each meeting

My next meetings are:


I look forward to helping you through this most difficult process.

Coach Jay
BlueChip Baseball

If you would like to get in on one of the Online Recruiting Meetings
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