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Coach – thank you for being a BlueChip coach!

We understand that coaching for BlueChip is one of the more challenging coaching positions around.

Our standards and what we expect from our coaches is a higher level than most other clubs.

But this is what sets BlueChip apart in the market.  This is why players and families choose BlueChip over 1000’s of other academies.

We want to set the expectation of this relationship so that there are less misunderstandings along the way.

Really the only time we ever get complaints from players or parents is if the coaching style doesn’t match what we are “selling” or presenting to the families that sign up with us.

That is why we want to be very clear on our relationship with you as the coach – so we don’t get any complaints from players or parents.  This is very important to us.

Please read and agree (or don't) to the terms of this understanding.  If you have any issues with this, please contact us right away.

BlueChip Baseball


BlueChip will provide for our coaches:

  1. BlueChip is the “GM” – we will handle all logistics
  2. We will make sure you have enough players for every game
  3. All fees, costs and accounting are our responsibility
  4. Coaches are paid $75/game.
  5. We will pay you every two weeks for games coached during that period – via Direct Deposit
  6. We also ask you to coach a once per week practice.
  7. BlueChip will cover travel costs (Gas or Airfare) and hotel costs anytime travel is required for an event.  This does not include meals.

Coaches are expected to:

  1. Coaches agree that BlueChip does things differently than other clubs
  2. Coaches are to rotate all players on their roster equally without prejudice or politics.  If we put a player in your dugout we expect you to play them.
  3. Players are to rotate at their primary positions and should be on the field 70% of the defensive innings. As an example - during a common double header, we play 14 innings.  Each player should be on the field 10 of those 14 innings to reach their 70% playing time.  9 defensive positions x 14 innings is 126 total defensive innings divided by 13 players leaves you just short of 10 innings each.  If everything ends up being equal, each player will be on the field 69.23% of the time.  
  4. We ask our coaches to bat as many players in their lineup as possible for each event/game.  This insures equal AB’s for all players.  
  5. We expect you to rotate your lineup card so that the same 2 players are not always at the bottom of the lineup.
  6. Coach in a positive way  - teach the game to the players – no screaming and yelling
  7. Communicate with parents in a respectful manner – remember they are our customers – not assigned to us like a HS team
  8. You are representing BlueChip in tournaments, games and in the community – you are our brand ambassadors – please conduct your self in a classy manner
  9. No screaming/yelling at umpires.  Question calls in a professional manner.  Remember, the next game probably has another BlueChip team in it.
  10. If the players in your dugout or team get “Chippy” with the other team – get this under control and let them know this is NOT how we act – ever
  11. Do not under any circumstance yell at or degrade any player, coach or parent on another team.  You never know which of them are thinking about playing with BlueChip in the future.
  12. Do not get kicked out of any games
  13. You are not allowed to bring in players to your dugout/lineup without BlueChip approval.
  14. Pitchers are only supposed to pitch once per weekend.  There is an occasional exception to this rule – but not very often.  Pitchers should be kept under 100 pitches in any outing.
  15. Catchers should just alternate games or half games.  A catcher should never catch 2 games in the same day.  Catchers need to play another position when not catching to reach their 70% goal of defensive innings played.
  16. Pitcher Only players are encouraged to just show up for their innings or game and then leave.  They do not need to be at all games.
  17. Defensive substitutions should never take place in the middle of a defensive inning based on any error made by a player.  The substitution can wait until after the defensive inning.
  18. If you have your son in your dugout and on the roster – please rotate him like every other player.  We also ask that you “coach” him AFTER the game.  Doing it during the game can create tension in the dugout that the other players don’t need.
  19. Coaches are independent contactors of BlueChip and are responsible for their own personal accounting and receive no benefits from BlueChip.
  20. BlueChip reserves the right to terminate any coach for any reason.
BlueChip Coaching Agreement

Prior to coaching a team for BlueChip, coaches are required to read and agree to the terms of understanding above.    Please take a minute to read and agree to these terms.

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