College Recruiting with BlueChip

Regardless of where you live,
BlueChip can help you get recruited
to play college baseball.

Getting recruited to play college baseball is THE HARDEST thing you will do as a youth baseball player or parent.

So many players are either:
* Uninformed as to how to go about this process
* Not Supported by their HS or Club team coach
* Live in an area where they don't get seen
* Just simply can't get the attention and support you need

If you fall into any or all of these categories, I would like to hear from you.

Do you feel like you can play college baseball but haven't gotten the exposure you need to make it happen?  Maybe you are:
  • Stuck behind a very good player and didn't play much
  • Injured
  • Played in a small town/state
  • Live in a cold weather state
  • Finally hit your growth spurt
  • Got cut from your HS but have the skills to play
  • Play for a coach that doesn't support you
Whatever the reason (and there are lots of them), our focus is on getting our players placed in college.

You have been working towards this (signing) day for at least 4 years.
If you are on this page, it means you haven't signed with a college yet.

It isn't too late.  There is still time, but we need to move quickly!

Contact Coach Jay

You thought playing all those games, traveling to all the tournaments and dealing with all the screaming coaches and parents was bad...  Getting recruited to play college ball is 100 times more stressful than that!

I look forward to speaking with you soon.

Coach Jay
2017 & 2016 Grads

2017 & 2016 grads can also use this service if you are looking to transfer to a different college.

Players with previous college playing experience are in HIGH DEMAND.  

If you are frustrated with your current situation, let BlueChip help you find a better school to play for!

I'm already on FieldLevel - How can you help?

While FieldLevel is a great tool and there are MANY players already on this program with a profile, THE MOST IMPORTANT part about how to use the system is knowing how many college coaches your coach is connected to.  

You can't send a promotion to colleges you are not connected to.   Find out how many colleges your coach is connected to.  BlueChip is connected to almost 1500 college coaches.  We are one of the most well connected academies on FieldLevel.  It is very easy for us to send your profile out to 100's of coaches at one time.

How quickly can we get this going?

We can have you promoted to 100's of college coaches within 48 hours of you completing your online profile.

What will you need?

You will of course insert your GPA and Test Scores, your height, weight and statistics plus any video you have of your son playing...

Coach's write up

You will need to have 1 or 2 of your current coaches write up a small (1 paragraph) summer on your playing skills and characteristics.

Minimum Accumulative GPA required
for this program is 2.5 

Ways to make your profile better
  • Come to AZ and play in an exposure event. This way a BlueChip coach can also give you a certification
  • Add quality video
  • If we get 10 or more players from you state, we can hold a certification event in your area.  
BlueChip was founded on a couple of very simple concepts:
  • All high school baseball players have the same goal - to play college baseball
  • Not all high schools or summer programs can offer players the exposure they need
  • ALL players pay the same amount of money - ALL players should play and be able to get that opportunity
  • Baseball can get really expensive.  BlueChip strives to be affordable while offering exposure to our players
  • High School politics often factor into playing time and attention.  This is detrimental to the players on so many levels (I could write a short book on this :).  Coming together in a new setting can be the best chance a player has to show his skills
  • An opportunity to play in some of these better events gives players a hands on experience to evaluate where they stand among other talented players wanting to participate at the next level

contact Coach Jay @