2018 Fall & Winter Exposure Events      

Nov 1-4 Fall Champs Mesa 18u 16u
Nov 9-11 SW World Series Snedigar 18u 16u
Nov 16-18 November Classic Papago 18u 16u
Nov 30-Dec 2 Dead Red Snedigar 18u 16u
Dec 7-10 Holiday Classic Mesa 18u 16u
Dec 14-16 Winter Classic Kino, Tucson 18u 16u
Jan 11-13 MLK Classic Papago 18u 16u
Jan 18-21 MLK Classic Red Mountain 18u 16u
Jan 25 - 27 Preseason Classic Gene Autry 18u 16u

* Dates are subject to change depending on how many days the tournament host schedules the event.  If the event starts on a Friday, be in town and ready to play by 3:30pm Arizona Time.

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Once a roster spot is paid for it is marked - FILLED


18u & 16u Tournaments available to all players
Regardless of where you live

BlueChip provides individual players the opportunity to participate in some of the best showcase tournaments in the Southwest. 

If you intend to play college baseball, you need to be SEEN by college coaches.  If you need more competition, more exposure, or a fresh team to play with, come join us for one or more of the events listed below.

Most events play on some of the best fields (spring training facilities) in the country. If you have not experienced one of these tournaments - you need to!  Our coaching staff treats all players with a POSITIVE approach in a showcase environment.

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Pricing w/ Field Level Promo
  • All Players will get an invite to join our field level roster - Included
  • If you want us to send out a promo for you to up to 500 college coaches - add $75
Details on our
Field Level Promos


  • BlueChip is not the tournament host, so we won’t be able to tell which college coaches might be there.
  • During each event, for all the players that play with us, we will be doing some “combine” work.
  • We will measure:  60 yd dash time, throwing velocities, bat exit speeds, pitching velocities and catcher pop times.
  • After the event we will post a player profile page on the recruiting site we use with our certification of their skill set.
  • https://www.fieldlevel.com/app/teams/347573/placement
  • From this platform, we can promote players to colleges that they are interested in or those that we think the player would be a good fit for.


Some of the fine print:
  • Players can join individually for each event. 
  • Each roster will have a limit of 13 players. (Additional pitcher only players may be added)
  • Rosters are made up of Catchers - 2 / MIF - 3 / 1B/3b - 3 / Of - 4 / Of/Utl - 1 / PO - 1 (as close to that as we can get)
  • Payment is required to be listed on a roster.  Once a position is filled, no more players at that position(s) will be allowed to sign up for that event.  All Player fees are due 30 days prior to the event.  
  • Travel, Hotel and Meals are NOT included in this fee.
  • BlueChip will set up a team hotel for each event
  • Players can travel with parents or share hotel rooms with other players - hotel room costs are the responsibility of the player.
  • Players will be given a jersey top to use for the event and RETURN to BlueChip at the end of the event
  • Players will be given a BC cap - this is theirs to keep.
  • Recruiting videos are an additional fee
  • Placement in our recruiting database is included

BlueChip was founded on a couple of very simple concepts:
  • All high school baseball players have the same goal - to play college baseball
  • Not all high schools or summer programs can offer players the exposure they need
  • ALL players pay the same amount of money - ALL players should play and be able to get that opportunity
  • Baseball can get really expensive.  BlueChip strives to be affordable while offering exposure to our players
  • High School politics often factor into playing time and attention.  This is detrimental to the players on so many levels (I could write a short book on this :).  Coming together in a new setting can be the best chance a player has to show his skills
  • An opportunity to play in some of these better events gives players a hands on experience to evaluate where they stand among other talented players wanting to participate at the next level

If you are interested in joining us for one of these events - contact Coach Jay @  Jay@BlueChipBaseball.org