BC Terms

All players on any of our teams or participating in any of our tournaments or teams of any kind are bound by these terms and conditions.

BlueChip Baseball reserves the right to add additional terms as they become necessary.
These are meant to outline how BlueChip handles many common issues that come up from time to time:


BlueChip Baseball – Player Agreement

When a player signs up to play with one of our BlueChip teams, the following rules/guidelines are also understood and agreed to:

  1. Team schedules are determined at the discretion of BlueChip.  These schedules may change as necessary.
  2. Games/Tournaments that are canceled by weather are outside of our control and can be made up as possible.  Sometimes schedules become too tight and field time is not available to make these games up. 
  3. While BC outlines a “number of games” to be played during each season, outside factors like weather or cancellations or poor play in tournaments will reduce the number of games a team actually plays. When too many players quit or choose not to attend a game(s) games also get canceled. Should a team play less than the projected number of games, this is not a cause for a refund.
  4. Player fee refunds happen on the following items:
    1. If a player becomes injured prior to a season a full refund is offered
    2. If a player becomes injured during a season BC at its sole discretion can offer a prorated credit for a future season.  
    3. If a player withdraws from a team during or before a season for any reason, no refund is due
  5. Players and parents will be on their best behavior when it comes to umpires.  While none of them are perfect, we get to choose our reactions to them.  All players will remain silent in relation to umpires at all times.  Should a player be ejected from a game, that player will miss the entire next game.
  6. Baseball is a competitive sport.  Sometimes things boil over and need to be discussed.  These discussions will never take place at a game or on the field.  Use a 24 hour rule if there is something that needs to be discussed with the coach or with BC.
  7. We only use a positive approach when talking about players inside the program.  No derogatory comments towards other players is allowed.