Blue Chip Players 
2014 Amateur MLB Draft

Brock Burke - 3rd Round Tampa Bay
Ryan Kokora - 35th Round Atlanta

BlueChip Baseball
Summer, Fall & Winter Teams
Exposure Baseball

Positive Approach
Competitive Schedules / Lower Pricing
College Recruiting Focus

We will field teams  
13u, 14u, 16u, 17u & 18u
All positions are welcome to tryout.  

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Colorado Baseball Academy

What if my son doesn't play HS ball or was cut?
Let BlueChip rekindle his love for the game!
We play spring league games/Practices for players who don't play with their high school teams - for whatever reason.

BlueChip Warriors

"BlueChip Warriors" are our players that never give up!
These are the players that may not have played at their high school, may have been cut (even years ago), may have taken time off from baseball (lost their love for the game)...

Our Warriors are the guys that didn't get all the right breaks, found BlueChip, rekindled their love for the game and found a way to get a 


* J. Gregory - Colorado School of Mines
* K. Paterson - Harper College
* C. Ottofy - South Mountain CC
* P. Riley - West Hill CC
* S. Cunningham - Westmont
* S. Koessler
* G. Kenne
* J. Zamudio
* W. Reynard - Fullerton College
* L. Ewing - Southwest 
* Multiple 2017 Graduates will soon be listed here!
Winter Schedule

Winter Baseball - Only in Phoenix, AZ!!

Jan 13-16 MLK Classic - TRNY
Jan 20-22 Winter Classic - TRNY
Jan 27-29 Preseason Classic - TRNY

These are not with a consistent roster of teammates.  Players from all over the country can come in to play in just one tournament if they would like to.

The Winter Schedule is located at:  CLICK HERE
BlueChip - College Camps

At BlueChip we take the college recruiting process very seriously.  We offer 4 or more camps each year for our players.
At each camp we bring in 6-10 college coaches for the weekend to instruct and evaluate the players at the camp.

Take a listen to some recruiting advice from our most recent camp in Phoenix, AZ.

The BlueChip Difference

BlueChip was founded on some basic principles:
  • Baseball can be more affordable.
  • Our Coaches treat players with respect.
  • Teach the game and keep it positive.
  • Keep the parents involved and create community as it's a lot more fun this way!
  • All players have the same goal - to play college baseball, so they all need time to showcase their talents.
  • Focus our schedules around promoting the players!
  • Play in events that make the most sense financially while maximizing exposure for our players.
  • Travel enough to create exposure for the players as affordably as possible.
  • Our rosters size is 14 or 15 depending on pitcher only players so that everyone plays.
  • Put enough pitchers and catchers on each team so that no player is put under too much pressure to carry the load.  We don't believe in playing a 40-50 game schedule without 8 or more pitchers.  
  • Overworking your pitchers is never worth it in the long run
  • These are the memories that players (and parents) will have for the rest of their lives so let's make this FUN!
  • Invite College coaches to our camps to watch and evaluate our players. 
  • Help parents and players understand the recruiting process.  This understanding can save thousands of dollars and relieve anxiety around the process.
  • Introduce players and parents to the terminology and process through which colleges follow players.
  • Make as many introductions to colleges as we can for each player.
If your son is losing his love of the game, try BlueChip.  There is nothing better than watching a player regain his passion for baseball.  THAT SMILE on your son's face says it all!

Player Centered Approach

BlueChip Baseball

BlueChip Baseball is all about competitive baseball.    We offer players a significant opportunity to be seen by college coaches.  Most of our events for high school players are focussed on showcase events that are more likely to be attended by college coaches.  We also host multiple tournaments.
  • Helping parents and players understand the placement process.  
  • Knowing what steps are necessary in the process.  
  • Educating people as to the timing and opportunities to get seen.  
  • Saving families thousands of dollars by focussing their efforts on events and opportunities that will most likely benefit their son.
  • Showing players how college coaches measure skill sets.  This helps players understand their strengths and weaknesses at the next level.  
  • High speed video analysis and new pitching mechanical knowledge is used to improve pitching performance and at the same time decrease the risk of arm injury.
Our player centered approach is unique in the baseball industry.

Colorado Travel Baseball              Arizona Club Baseball Team
CABA - Rocky Mtn Games - 18u Champs            2014 Veterans Day Champs, AZ      

Another BlueChip College Camp - Recruiting Talk


MLB Draftees
Brock Burke - 3rd Tampa Bay
Ryan Kokora - 35th Atlanta

College Commits

Class of 2017
Jake Kleszczynski - Viterbo University 
Adam Braude - Concordia
Evan Wissen - George Fox
Connor Young - Univ of the Sciences
Justan Zamora - Adams State

Class of 2016
Jordan Keanini - Arizona Western
Wilson Reynard - Fullerton College
Landon Ewing - SW Nazarene
Bryson Wells - Adams State
Andrew Donovan - Texas Permian Basin
Ben Drenth - Scottsdale CC
Will Morley - Adams State
Andrew Low - Otero JC, CO
Chase Ottofy - South Mountain JC, AZ
Kyler Paterson - Harper College, IL
Nick Goehring - Univ of Dallas
Josh Gregory - Colorado School of Mines
Preston Snavely - Wichita State
Colton Timmons - Missouri Valley
Ryan Kokora - Campbell (NC)
Ryan Frankel - Pasadena City College
Ryne Lenz - McCook CC
Jacob Padilla - New Mexico Highlands

Class of 2015
Joe Jachimiak - Univ of the Sciences
Luke Duggan - New Mexico MI
Adam Tulley - Metro State University
Tyler Barker - Eastern New Mexico 
Matt Ayala - Mesa CC, AZ
Zac Gasaway - Univ. of San Francisco
Dayne Rowley - Metro State University
Pono Anderson - University of Hawaii
Codi Heuer - Wichita State
Will Dixon - Colorado Mesa

Class of 2014
Jake Engelhart - School of Mines
Dylan Formby - Crowder College
Jack Strunc - Washington State
Preston Riley - York, NE
Justus Martin - US Merchant Marine
Ryan Kokora - Hawaii Pacific University

Kyle Brown - Paradise Valley CC, AZ
Adam Abudallah - Air Force Academy
Sam Reed - Colorado School of Mines
Brock Burke - University of Oregon
Sean Cunningham - Claremont McKenna

Class of 2013
Phillip Cruz - Kansas Weslyan
Ben Martinez - Otero JC